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Whilst our running assessments are the core of what we do, we also understand how a more rounded approach can be effective. To this end we also hold workshops to educate runners in how the body works. These workshops are held several times a year and are a great way of understanding form, process and tips all in a fun and engaging environment. Please see below for more details, and to book onto our next session.

We also hold weekly classes which support runners who would like to improve biomechanical function, stability and core strength. These classes are specifically aimed at runners, and can support those who are facing challenges or discomfort when they run. Please contact us here to discuss how we can help, and to book your place on a class.

Running Without Pain or Injury

Saturday 2nd March | 2pm - 4.30pm
Hosted by Jack Boatwright, our Clinical Sports Therapist.

In this workshop you will learn why you are struggling with injuries when trying to train for an event or just go for a leisurely run.

This interactive and practical two and a half hour workshop will give you an understanding of what happens during a running cycle, the functional anatomy of a running gait and some simple techniques to relieve those pesky pains, and why a poor core and biomechanical imbalances could prevent you from enjoying or progressing with your running (or jogging!).

Suitable for complete beginners and novices alike and will cover the following:-
  • Basic Anatomy and Functional Movement Patterns
  • Common Injuries and why they occur
  • How to plan your training
  • Technique/styles
  • Footwear
  • Self treatment techniques/rehab
  • Running Clinic information
  • Class information
Price £25.00

We held several of these workshops across 2018, and this is the first for the New Year. You can book directly by following the link below:

Conditioning for runners

Every Saturday 10.00 -
Hosted by Jack Boatwright, our Clinical Sports Therapist.

These classes suit those looking to improve their function, biomechanical stability, flexibility and strength specific to running. So if you keep getting injured, struggling with back ache, hip leg or foot pain before or after running, these classes are for you.

This is a functional low impact, non cardio class that aims to you injury free for any distance and help progress your running speed or distance at any level.

These classes are appropriate for anyone who runs, however due to the pace of the session, they may not be not suitable for complete beginners to exercise or those with acute pain. A certain level of pain free mobility and body awareness is required. Classes will include dynamic and functional exercises so will naturally be a higher intensity to normal Pilates classes that you may have attended before.

For those in acute pain from running or when running, we recommend an individual Biomechanical Running Assessment. You can find out more about these by visiting the Running Assessment page.

Please note that due to the clinical nature of our classes, we'll need to speak to you before you attend so we can ensure it's an appropriate class for you. Therefore, please contact us using the button below.

Price £8 per class (package price based upon purchasing a block of 10 class passes). Drop in price of individual classes is £10.

Please contact us here to discuss how we can help you.
To book onto the classes or attend one of our workshops, then please click on the buttons above to contact us or book directly onto workshops via PayPal if dates have been released.

We're based at Total Therapy Studios in Horsham, who offer around 70 classes a week and a full range of other therapies that can also support you in overall wellbeing. You can visit their website by clicking here.
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