Horsham Running Clinic

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Supporting the local running community with assessment, treatment, coaching and other help to allow you to run better, faster, and with less chance of injury.

Discover how a full running assessment using the latest video technology can help with distance and comfort
Our highly skilled team can provide hands-on treatment as maintenance, or to support pre- or post-event
Our treatment provided by highly skilled Sport Therapists and Physios, who understand the needs of runners
We’re based at Total Therapy Studios, which is the local leader in physical therapies and movement support.

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Treatment and Rehab Sessions

We know that in many cases you might want to see someone who understands your specific needs, even if you're not suffering from injury or pain.

Whilst it's common to see a Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist to manage and correct injury, that's not the only reason why you might want to book in with us. You may want to come and see us to discuss performance, or to receive treatment or a once over both pre- and post-event. The benefits of doing so are huge, and our skilled team will be able to support with advice, hands on therapy, or assessment of any concerns you might have.

Pricing and Costs

The cost of treatment, follow-up, or rehab sessions are as follows:
Jack Boatwright

Nicola Williams
Running Assessment   |   £70

30 min session   |   £42
45 min session   |   £53
60 min session   |   £70

Sarah Dover-McCarthy
30 min session   |   £47
45 min session   |   £58
60 min session   |   £75

We're also able to provide discounts on group bookings, and multiple sessions. Please contact our main office on 01403 249 511 for more details and to book your sessions today