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Running is becoming increasingly popular as a way to stay fit and healthy; it’s cheap, time efficient and is easy.

Well, it's not easy for everyone. As we become more and more chair shaped, the transition from sitting or walking to running is not a simple one, and many struggle to reach their running goals due to discomfort, injury or pain.

The reality is that running is a complex movement which requires increased levels of stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. All are needed in the right places to enable us to run effectively.

Our special offer in conjunction with Total Therapy Studios.

Book a running assessment with Horsham Running Clinic, and get a voucher which provides 30% off the cost of a sports or remedial massage. These two sessions will work fantastically well together as part of any running cycle or traning plan.

Horsham Running Clinic is a new service provided by physiotherapists, sports therapists and movement specialists at Total Therapy Studios.

We offer classes, workshops, bespoke Biomechanical Assessments and corrective exercise programs to get you where you want to - all under one roof with a variety of affordable options.

When we walk there is a period in the gait cycle where both feet are on the ground and this creates stable movement. However during running only part of one foot is ever in contact with the ground at any one time. This creates forces of over two and half times of your body weight when compared to walking.

This can lead to biomechanical imbalances such as tight hips, stiff backs, lazy buttocks and weak abdominals, mainly as a result of poor postural habits, old injuries, poor footwear or poor exercise technique. This is what creates pain and discomfort during - and after - a run.
As a runner you're genuinely motivated. You've bought new running shoes and off you go. You're on top of the world with your new found enthusiasm and as time goes on your heart and lungs become fitter. You feel you can go faster and further, but your body is telling you otherwise.

However running is often a solitary process; you rarely receive feedback from those you're doing it with. And you're focused on distance, things suddently start to get a little harder.

Niggles appear, pain develops, so what do you do?
You might give up, and decide running isn't for you. Often you carry on running in the hope that it will sort itself out in time for that 10k run that you committed to in six weeks time!

The unfortunate truth is, it won't clear up on it's own and Intervention is needed at this point.

And this is where we come in, by providing the correct training schedule and the right programme to fix all those biomechanical issues that you're pounding into the ground.
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