Horsham Running Clinic

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Supporting the local running community with assessment, treatment, coaching and other help to allow you to run better, faster, and with less chance of injury.

Discover how a full running assessment using the latest video technology can help with distance and comfort
Our highly skilled team can provide hands-on treatment as maintenance, or to support pre- or post-event
Our treatment provided by highly skilled Sport Therapists and Physios, who understand the needs of runners
We’re based at Total Therapy Studios, which is the local leader in physical therapies and movement support.

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Expert advice

Horsham Running Clinic is led by Jack Boatwright, who is supported by Sarah Dover-McCarthy founder of Total Therapy Studios

Jack is able to help you with running assessments, and - with a full team of therapists at Total Therapy Studios - he'll be able to advise on the best way to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes when you see different therapists it can be frustrating as there's a fear you have to 'start again' with each one. However at Horsham Running Clinic (and Total Therapy Studios as a whole) our processes are fully-integrated, which means they all have access to notes, videos and prior assessments.
Jack Boatwright

Jack Boatwright is our clinical Sports Therapist, who has been with Total Therapy Studios since 2017 and heads up Horsham Running Clinic. He's a keen runner, and understands the running world very well. This puts him in a unique position to support.

He graduated from the University of Chichester in 2014 and specialises in lower limb biomechanics and the sporting body. Jack's main passions are with functional movement of the body and postural dysfunction, yet he has special interests in knees and shoulders. Jack is a skilled manual therapist and specialises in post injury exercise and rehabilitation.

Jack holds regular 'Running Without Pain and Injury' workshops, and offers rehab classes for the active body and functional movement.

Sarah McCarthy

Sports Therapist
Sarah Dover McCarthy is the clinical director of Horsham Running Clinic and Total Therapy Studios and is our soft tissue and integrated movement specialist. She specialises is chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and has over 20 years experience working in the field. She is a highly trained clinical sports and manual therapist, Pilates teacher, movement therapist and nutritional therapist and utilises many different treatment approaches for a long term solution.

Sarah’s passion is education and helping people really understand that the body is an integrated system and why often isolated therapy can be unsuccessful.

She is also an experienced teacher, public speaker and trainer, supporting many other therapists in developing their understanding.